The Winter Warrior 2019


•6 week workout program tailored to build muscle, boost metabolism, cut fat, and improve your endurance/conditioning.
•5 day muscle group split: legs/glutes, back/arms, chest/shoulders, legs/hamstrings, full body/conditioning
•One on one coaching, check-ins with me, and form feedback for YOU specifically (UNLIMITED guidance and support)
•Video demonstrations and tips on form/technique for every exercise
•***NEW Healthy mindset guide to keep you in the right headspace to succeed.
•Communication with the group for support and community
•Recommended cardio, what type, and when. Recommended stretching and mobility
•Modifications for beginners
•Option to purchase custom macro setting and custom cardio regimen as an add on (this includes modifications through the program and nutrition guidance)
**Limited spots available
**Gym required